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  • Vision vs. Medical insurance coverage? Which one do I use for my eye exam?
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Vision vs. Medical insurance coverage? Which one do I use for my eye exam?

It is very common for patients to get confused between their vision and medical insurance plans.  Please read the following that we hope will clarify the differences:

Vision plans deal with wellness/routine yearly eye exams that always include refractions which determine prescriptions for glasses and/or contact lenses.  Optical merchandise:  frames, spectacle lenses and their addons like sun reactive lenses, anti reflective coatings, no line bifocals, light weight materials and/or contact lenses are usually covered under these plans.  Varying copays for anything beyond the basics would become due.  Frame and contact lens allowances are other vision plan benefits 

Medical plans normally do not cover wellness/routine yearly eye exams or refractions but there are some exceptions. These plans usually cover injuries, trauma, infections, certain oral medications or even specific systemic illnesses involving the eyes or vision in some capacity. Optical merchandise is usually never covered. Deductibles (if applicable) and copays would become due

Sometimes patients have both plans.  We always prefer to take care of any obvious medical eye presentation first then have them return at a future date to use their vision plan benefits.  There's times when a routine eye exam finds a medical eye diagnosis requiring further follow up and testing with their medical plan


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Tirado gives excellent care and service to your eyes. He goes beyond expectation to make sure your eyes get the best exam. Thank you, Dr. Tirado, for your expertise in my eyes."
    C. Young
  • "I like this therapy because I don't have to wear my glasses and it's also fun to take them out with the mini-plunger. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I LOVE-repeat LOVE to SEE CLEARLY WITHOUT my glasses."
    A. Lin
  • "My first visit to Dr. Tirado was in 1999. He is very caring and a thorough doctor. I moved from Jacksonville spring 2008 and returned spring 2013. Needless to say, there was absolutely no hesitation to return to Dr. T for my yearly eye exams."
    M. Murphy
  • "All the swimming in my daily lifestyle made it difficult to wear soft contact lenses. My eyes would be dry and irritated at the end of the day. After discovering CRT lenses as a possible alternative, I scheduled an appointment. I was pleased by a welcoming, friendly, and enthusiastic atmosphere. On my second visit, I have issued my CRT lenses. After my first night with my lenses, my vision improved 20-30%. After 10 days my vision was 20/25 compared to my normal vision of 20/350. The contacts were initially uncomfortable and foreign, but I was determined to get through this phase. Almost a month later my vision is very close to perfect and my eyes give me no problems in the pool. It's also a cool feeling to be independent of contacts and glasses during the day. Overall I'm very happy with the amazing results and eager to note that each visit is an enjoyable experience."
    R. Nodarse